Anonymous: Are Jesse and Anabel still together?

No, but it also looks like they miss eachother so who knows what’s to come

Anonymous: Hi! I was wondering what time I should arrive at the location if it starts at 7? I'm not aiming on meeting them (bc they'll probs be busy) but I wouldn't mind being able to meet them, you know? Thank you in advance!

Well all depends on where you want to be in the crowd? If you want to be near the first row then you should be on line by 10-12 but if you’re just looking to be part of the crowd and enjoy their music then don’t stress about getting there hours early. About meeting them, that’s usually after the show so just try and find where their tour bus is after the show and they should go there at some point.

I don’t understand why anyone would want to know who I am. This page is not for self promotion, it’s for hoodlums. I think it’s sweet at times that people want to know who I really am but I refuse to turn this page into anything other than the nbhd related posts because that’s what people follow me for.